ABARTH 595 - 100% Abarth Recreation - 1965 

ABARTH 595 "Recreation" from 1965. Recreation Completely built by Abarth Specialist.

Completely restored ! Superb Condition.

Nardi Steering Wheel, 12" original Abarth wheels and all Abarth badges.

"Historic Interest car" certificate. 

"The FIAT Abarth 595 Esse Esse is a creation by the legendary Carlo Abarth. After an initial experience in Cisitalia, in 1948 the Austrian engineer moved to Turin, setting up a production of exhaust systems and performance kits for normal cars, mostly Fiat. Seeing his business growing, he strength with collaboration with some of the most respected italian coach builders, creating also stylish sport prototypes and limited-series production cars. Motivated by his desire to realize a sport car for everybody, in the summer of 1963 he presented the 595"